Anesthesia Machine S6100

S6100 is well-equipped in generating and mixing a fresh gas flow of medical gases and inhalational anesthetic agents for the purpose of induction and maintenance in ICUs and OTs. With over 10 years of evolution, since the first anesthesia machine was invented, more and more safety features have been incorporated to address the problems that arose and to minimize lawsuits. Add this one to your inventory.


Gas optimization capability allows the measure of total gas usage at the end of the procedure.

Self-sealing function on the soda lime canister

Mix gas option on O2 flowmeters

Stability is achieved with the pedal and central brake system.

Extra table space.

Calibrated flow is ensured with a vaporizer added with a mechanical flowmeter in emergencies.

Attached handle for easy mobility within the workspace.

Super capacious with 2 drawers within the anesthesia machine.

Product Specifications

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Frequently Asked Question

Yes, an S6100 has a touch display of 10.4 inches.

Yes, anesthesia machine S6100 has multiple working modes including volume control, pressure limit, and high adaptability with a wide range of patients.

Yes, an anesthesia machine S6100 has a self-lock function in it making it safer.

Authorities recommend that an anesthesia machine should be cleaned thoroughly once a year to avoid any malfunction

It should be changed regularly after every 12 hours because it helps in CO2 absorption.

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