Anesthesia Machine S6200

S6200 Is a fully-refurbished anesthesia machine for intensive care units, operation theaters, and anesthesiology departments. It is a professional design for adults, child and infant inhalational anesthesia and respiratory management with advanced ventilation modes. The machine is designed to provide high-performance anesthesia and ventilation with versatility. Achieve safe oxygen saturation in patients with a highly professionally designed S6200 anesthesia system integrated with ventilator mode.


Low flow optimizer and AA measurements

The oxygen concentrator detector ensures recommended oxygen delivery to the patient. Further supported with APL valve to shut back in undue consequences.

4 casters and 2 brakes for stability purposes.

Supportive handle to move the working station according to the patient’s requirements.

Connection with hospital system now gets easy with VGA RS232 USB port

ETCO2 allows a timely calculation about the patient’s hypercapnic state.

Anesthesia gas and vital sign monitor allow better evaluation of the physiological state of the patient.

The 15 TFT LCD screen displays imperative information about ventilation parameters, alarms, and oscillograms.

Built-in electronic flow meter to maintain oxygen concentration above 25% in the patients.

Fresh oxygen and air delivery to ensure independent use.

With bypass and heating function, breathing circuit and bellow are supportive for mechanical ventilation.

The emergency fast oxygen flow system is integrated.

AGSS options ensure the safety of medical and paramedical staff in the operational space.

Product Specifications

Frequently Asked Question

It should be changed regularly after every 12 hours because it helps in CO2 absorption.

Anesthesia machine S6200 shows an oxygen deficit on the screen to make it visible.

Yes, S6200 anesthesia machines have a touch screen display of 15 inches.

It has IPPV, SIMV, PSV, PCV, SIGH, and Manual ventilation modes.

It should be changed regularly after every 12 hours because it helps in CO2 absorption

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