Anesthesia Machine S6500 A​

The anesthesia machine evolved from a simple pneumatic device to a complex array of mechanical, electrical, and computer-controlled components. Much of the driving force for this evolution has improved patient safety and user convenience in critical conditions. Modern anesthesia machine-like S6500A has many added features which make it easier, safer and reliable for anesthesiologists to use. Achieve reliability and safety with high-tech supportive anesthesia machines


Anesthetic gases like halothane, isoflurane, enflurane, and sevoflurane are introduced in the vaporized form via a vaporizer.

AGSS and ETCO2 are added for medical staff and patient safety, respectively.

Stability is introduced with 4 brakes and a pedal system

Built-in color touch screen displays ventilator and monitor parameters.

A vaporizer with flow compression keeps the pressure and temperature in check, ensuring safety throughout the procedure

O2 pressure alarms and N2O cut-off systems are added for safety purposes.

Measuring pressure in the central system is easy with a pressure gauge.

Product Specifications

Frequently Asked Question

The alarm system goes off when there is no connection or power failure occurs.

Yes, it has a high precision oxygen concentration detection function

Yes, the anesthesia machine S6500A has multiple ventilation modes making it a more advanced choice in emergencies. It includes PCV, IPPV, V-SIMV, MANU.

Authorities recommend that an anesthesia machine should be cleaned thoroughly once a year to avoid any malfunction

Its oxygen concentration ranges from 15% – 100%. 

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