Anesthesia Machine S6500 ​

3A Sanai presents an anesthesia workstation primarily for Intensive Care Units, Operation Theaters and Anesthesiology Departments. Designed as a system with a scalable setup of different options, the S6500 anesthesia machine convinces outstanding user-friendliness and safety in daily anesthesia practice. It allows ventilation for all age groups, including pediatrics and adults. Imperative treatments better seek a colloquial anesthetic device with refined ergonomics and systems integration to achieve a safe patient profile within minutes. 


Stable work station with 4 casters and 2 brakes

Excellent breathing circuit with high integration in a compact design

Advanced PSV Ventilation with apnea backup

Digital flow valve and precise dual flow sensing technology

Emergency monitor for straightforward operation and a user-configurable display.

The 7-inch screen displays an important informational area, monitoring area, alarm area, and setting area.

Equipped with 3 high-profile alarming systems and precise and reliable ventilator

P-T and V-T oscillograms to present voltage variations

Oxygen sensors for apt monitoring of imperative parameters

Product Specifications

Frequently Asked Question

Yes, S6500 anesthesia machines have an oxygen rapid supply switch for providing a high flow rate of oxygen to the patient.

 The alarm system goes off when there is no connection or power failure occurs

The range of tidal volume is 20ml – 1500ml.

It supports two oscillograms, V-T and P-T. 

Authorities recommend that an anesthesia machine should be cleaned thoroughly once a year to avoid any malfunction

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