Anesthesia Machine S6600​

S6600 is a multi-faceted anesthesia system that addresses the demands of the ICU, Operation Theater and Anesthesiology environment. Its design allows for the ventilation of a wide range of patients, from pediatrics to adults. This modern anesthesia machine is manufactured to provide an accurate supply of medical gases mixed with an adequate concentration of anesthesia vapor and deliver continuously to the patient at a safe pressure and flow. It ranks well in terms of safety, stability, convenience, ergonomics, and user experiences. Also, it has the honor of being a legit anesthesia machine both for the doctors and the patients. 

General Features

With bypass and heating function, breathing circuit and bellow are supportive for mechanical ventilation.

This anesthesia machine has smart sensors and switches that provide uninterrupted communication between the breathing circuit and the integrated ventilator.

Handle allows one to have a subtle grip on the anesthesia machine when moving it across the working space.

Fast oxygen delivery system for emergency handling.

Super capacious with 2 drawers within the anesthesia machine.

The 15 FTF LCD touchscreen is adequately large and sensitive to touch, offering the ultimate user experience. It reveals the information regarding ventilation parameters, alarm information, and oscillograms.

Precision flow is achieved with an electronic flow meter ensuring optimal concentration of oxygen above 25%.

Oxygen concentrators act as oxygen indicators in the system.

APL valve operates via pressure mechanism and decompresses automatically upon excessive pressure changes.

The central brake and pedal system enhance the stability of the overall working station.

Safety Features

Set the machine according to the type of the patient. You can make choices between adults, children, and neonates.

Separate electric and gas circuit design ensure the longevity of the machine.

Operates in 8 different languages, including Chinses, English, Spanish, French, Russian, Turkish, German, Portuguese

This will enable one to attain assurity about the safety just by the visual examination.

Integration with advanced modes and features in a conventional anesthesia ventilator help the user to achieve precision to a greater degree.

With self-lock technology, our anesthesia machines provide real-time pressure assessment with the greatest precision.

A total of 13 alarms comprising 3 level alarm system, while the rest of the 10 alarms work by alerting visual and hearing senses.

It can work for up to 3 hours without electricity input.

Product Specifications

Frequently Asked Question

An anesthesia machine is easy to install in laboratories and ICUs. Professionals can easily install it by reading the instructions given with it.

Yes, the anesthesia machine S6600 has multiple ventilation modes making it a more advanced choice in emergencies. It includes VCMV, PCMV, PRVC, V-SIMV, MANU, PSV.

Yes, the S6600 allows six oscillographs at one time on the display.

Its oxygen concentration ranges from 15% – 100%.

Authorities recommend that an anesthesia machine should be cleaned thoroughly once a year to avoid any malfunction

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