ICU Ventilator S1500 ​

Ventilators can be daunting when you’re just getting started in a critical environment. With the pressing need for a much larger number of ventilators for hospitalized patients, 3A Sanai Health is responding. Our team has mobilized to ramp up the production of ventilators to meet the growing needs. With 20+ years of experience, we are well acquainted with the ventilation needs and have catered to the drawbacks of the conventional ventilator devices in S1500. It’s a popular choice among our customers for its minimal and user-friendly design, and competitive price.

General Features

Prompt oxygen delivery at a rapid rate within 2 minutes.

Structurally stable and sturdy to resist high-temperature changes within the system.

12.1 inches TFT display screen shows relevant ventilation parameters, alarming information, and oscillograms for timely monitoring and action.

Supports 5+ ventilation modes, including IPPV, A/C, PCV, SIMV, PSV, SPONT/CPAP, SIGH, MANUAL.

Select 3 oscillograms of your choice, 2 of them can be displayed on the screen.

Humidifier for wet and warm gas delivery allowing dilatation of breathing structures and apt absorbance of the air particles that dissolve into the alveolar membranes.

0% pollution rate.

Safety Features

Built-in oxygen sensor precisely monitors oxygen monitor the oxygen concentration delivery to the patient.

Electronic circuits and gas flow systems are not integrated for safe operations.

Compact battery with large backup to compensate for electricity losses.

14 different sound and visual alarms to beware the medical staff about the daunting situation.

Oscillogram freezes and recovers timely, acting as other supportive ventilator alarm.

Supported with casters for rapid mobility

Product Specifications

Frequently Asked Question

Ventilators have a built-in technical alarm system to alert the users about functionality issues such as air supply, electricity supply, problems with production, etc. Engineers and developers can deal with such problems and bring the machine back into order.

Invasive ventilators prevent inflammatory diaphragmatic dysfunction and provide adequate oxygen for the patient, making it easier for him to breathe and not feel a lack of fresh air. Also, it distributes the work of breathing and redistributes cardiac output.

The ventilator supports several ventilation modes such as IPPV, A/C, PCV, SIMV, SPONT/CPAP, PSV, SIGH, and MANU.

Do not expose ventilator and cable connections to any liquid or spray. Also, pressurized air cleaning is discouraged for the machinery, including the GUI system. To sterilize such surfaces, wipe them with a chemical disinfectant such as sodium hypochlorite solution of 0.05%.

Ventilators can measure the duration of inhalation, inhalation frequency, lung pressure, oxygen concentration, etc. Different models have different options and features, but almost all of them support the above mentioned characteristics.

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