Non-Invasive Ventilator Duo-Level S9600 (Sleep Therapy System )​

Our non-invasive ventilation system is considered a choice in respiratory distress situations. This one is a portable, non-intubated ventilation device for patients who aren’t able to find considerable improvement in their breathing and perfusion rates even after receiving standard oxygen therapy. S9600 is a nasal catheter supportive ventilatory device that can be used outside the hospital premises. Wait for the improvement in breathing outcomes, 2 hours following the non-invasive ventilation, or you may head to the hospital for cricothyroidotomy or tracheostomy for maintaining the airway patency.


Bag packed improves its portability.

Mask for confined breathing environment

Comes with 3.5 inches screen to monitor IPAP, EPAP, frequency, and temperature.

Humidifier to moist the nasal passages

Breathing tube for oxygen delivery

Product Specifications

Frequently Asked Question

Non-invasive ventilator works to aid patients in breathing and provides oxygen supply through a mask without inserting tubes inside the patient’s organ.

Mostly, it is for people who suffer respiratory issues for a small part of the day. But if the problem escalates, the patient might have to stay on the ventilator for a whole day.

To set up the equipment, the person must be confident and experienced enough to ensure that he correctly fits every part according to the guidelines because a little flaw in an angle or fitting can result in different problems like eye irritation, etc.

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